Annual Physical Exam

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Annual Physical Exam

At Brite Life Urgent & Primary care of Lawrenceville, our annual physical exams serve as a time to meet with a doctor to discuss any concerns or issues you may have experienced throughout the past year. Annual physicals also give peace of mind by helping to catch any health problems before they become a greater issue.
Generally, annual physical exams consists of the following:
  • Taking vital signs – Blood pressure, heart rate, respiration rate and temperature.
  • Heart exam – Using a stethoscope to detect irregular heart beat or to determine any signs of heart disease.
  • Abdominal Exam – Listening to bowel sounds, abdominal fluid and checking for tenderness.
  • Skin Exam – Looking for issues with skin or nails
  • Gender-specific exams – Checking for hernia or testicular issues in men and a brief breast and pelvic exam in women.
  • Lab Testing – Includes full blood exam and urinalysis.
To schedule your annual physical exam, contact Brite Life at (770) 214-4902.

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